Established 1997 the Manitoba Ferret Association is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to the well being of all ferrets.

Experienced ferret mom Carole G was sharing her wealth of information with newbie ferret mom Deb K over a cup of coffee.

Deb loved the idea of keeping Carole around constantly for quick reference each time a new question entered her head – Carole having a life wasn’t as interested in closet dwelling, so the thought of an association was formed. Today a ferret owner has somewhere to turn when needing answers to all their questions or just a group to hang out who’s passions align.



There are two types of memberships offered; Personal and Corporate Memberships.

Personal memberships is for you to; support the shelter, come to events, receive discounts for ferret adoptions and access to the MFA product catalogue. Whether you have ferrets or not, you are always welcome to the quarterly frolics. Download the form; Application-Form

Corporate memberships were setup by request from a passionate supporter of our mission who doesn’t actually own any ferrets but wanted to support an organization he believed in.



The Manitoba Ferret Association offers ferret sitting for members – Ferret-Sitting



There are many ways to support the shelters! You can;

– Donate one time amounts of your choice

– Setup ongoing payments [through Paypal] amount of your choice

– We collect pop cans to recycle

– We have a co-op number you can use [#113061]

– You can sponsor, foster, adopt ferrets of the shelter [see here for more details]



For immediate help contact Deb : 204-291-8357

Email us at :